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Seminar Hartmut Rosa

The University of Humanistic Studies (UvH) proudly announces that professor Hartmut Rosa will be our key speaker at a seminar on Tuesday January 30th 2018 on: 

How to Slow Down Life without Stagnating Society Resonance in an Accelerating World

Stress, burnout and alienation: according to Rosa, known for his elaborate study on high-speed modern social life, these are all symptoms of what he calls ‘social acceleration’. Three fundamental processes are at play: technical acceleration, acceleration of social change, and the acceleration of the pace of life.

Hartmut Rosa is one of today’s leading thinkers of social philosophy. He is the author of several books on social acceleration, modernity and critique of capitalism (The Good Life Beyond Growth, 2017; Resonanz, 2016; Social Acceleration: A New Theory of Modernity, 2015; Alienation and Acceleration, 2010).

Time has turned against us, Rosa argues: instead of experiencing acceleration as a vehicle for our (relational) autonomy, our dreams, goals and life plans have become subjected to the forces of acceleration. We feel we lack control over ‘our’ time; there is no time to kill, time stress is killing us. 

Rosa does not simply argue for slow-down. Instead, he pleads for resonance: a need to rediscover the bases for reciprocal affection that produce real human connection. Due to time stress and competitive mind-sets, we lose touch with our surroundings. We should literally learn to open ourselves up to the world again, to feel truly touched by someone or something and experience self-efficacy in doing so.


In this upcoming symposium we will discuss to what extent and under what conditions it is possible to achieve such resonance in high-speed, modern societies. A relevant theme, not only for academics, but also for policymakers and social professionals who work in the Social Domain. We welcome everyone interested to join our seminar on this timely and important theme, which is organized by the UvH department ‘Citizenship and Humanization of the Public Domain’.

The seminar (workshop and lecture) will be hosted by Evelien Tonkens, Ellen Grootegoed & Fernando Suarez Müller and will be in English.  


13.00-14.30 Workshop with Hartmut Rosa on resonance 

First, we discuss the problem analysis: (why) is time going faster than before and what are its main motors? How can we evaluate the impacts of social acceleration? Second, we focus on resonance as response to social acceleration: what is it, what role do emotions play, and (how) can it be pursued and grow in competitive, neoliberal societies? With contributions from: Prof.dr. Marli Huijer (Philosophy, EUR) Professor Frans Vosman (Care ethics, UvH), Dr. Robin Celikates (Philosophy, UvA) and Professor Frederic Vandenberghe (sociology, IESP/UERJ). 

14.30-15.00 Break 

15.00-16.45 Lecture by Hartmut Rosa: Can resonance be the answer to an accelerating society? Dr. Christoph Baumgartner (Ethics, UU) and Dr. Christian Bröer (Sociology, UvA) will respond to Rosa’s lecture

16.45-17.30 Drinks


Admission is free, but places are limited. If you, despite your application, are unable to attend the seminar, please notify Corine Westerink by sending an email to This way we can make someone else happy with your ticket. If you do not notify us before the 14th of january, we are obliged to invoice an amount of € 30,- 

The workshop and lecture with Harmut Rosa are fully booked at this moment. 

We've opened waiting lists for both the workshop and the lecture of Hartmut Rosa.

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