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Prof.dr. Doret de Ruyter

Doret de Ruyter

Professor of Education


030 2390123




Leerstoel Educatie


Doret de Ruyter is professor of Education at the University of Humanistic studies since 1 juni 2018. Before that time she was professor of philosophy of education at VU Amsterdam for fifteen years.
She received her PhD at VU Amsterdam in 1993 and continued as a postdoc researcher and later assistant professor at the Hendrik Piersonleerstoel voor Christelijk Onderwijs. She combined her work at VU with a senior projectleader position at the Nederlands Instituut voor Care and Welfare (now Netherlands Youth Institute).

In 2000 she moved to Glasgow, where she worked for almost four years as (senior) lecturer in the department of Religious Education of the Faculty of Education of the University of Glasgow.


Domains of interests:
Flourishing as an aim of education and upbringing
Moral education
Citizenship education
Educational professionals and their (continuing) education


overzicht van publicaties (research portal)

Some recent publications:

de Ruyter, D.J. & Schinkel, A. (2022). Education and meaning in life. In I. Landau (Ed.), Oxford handbook of meaning in life (Ch 31). Oxford University Press.

Schinkel, A., Wolbert, L., Pedersen, J.B., de Ruyter, D.J. (2022). Human Flourishing, Wonder, and Education. Studies in Philosophy and Education.

Eidhof B, de Ruyter D.J (2022). Citizenship, self-efficacy and education: A conceptual review. Theory and Research in Education. 20(1),64-82. doi:10.1177/14778785221093313

De Ruyter, D., Oades, L. G., Waghid, Y., Ehrenfeld, J., Gilead, T. and Singh, N.C. (2022). ‘Education for flourishing and flourishing in education’. In Duraiappah, A.K., van Atteveldt, N.M., Borst, G., Bugden, S., Ergas, O., Gilead, T., Gupta, L., Mercier, J., Pugh, K., Singh, N.C. and Vickers, E.A. (eds.) Reimagining Education: The International Science and Evidence based Assessment. (pp. 73-130).  New Delhi: UNESCO MGIEP.

de Ruyter, D.J. (2021). Education and upbringing in a super-diverse society: on the cultivation of the double gaze . In C. A..Darnell & K. Kristjánsson (Eds.) Virtues and Virtue Education in Theory and Practice. Are Virtues Local or Universal? (pp.168-182).  Routledge.


Philosophy of Education


Humanisme en Educatie (Master 1)
Levensloop in context (Bachelor 1)

Bachelor theses
Master theses
Graduate school

Lidmaatschappen en functies

Director of Education UvH

Assistant Editor Journal of Philosophy of Education
Associate Editor Theory and Research in Education
Member Editorial Board Philosophical Inquiry in Education

Member of the academic board of VERUS

Member International Network of Philosophers of Education
Member Landelijk Netwerk van Vrouwelijke Hoogleraren