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Seminar: The care crisis in Western welfare states

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Join us for a conversation on how Western welfare states respond to the care crisis.

Growing care demands due to ageing populations, neoliberal governance, shrinking resources and lack of trained staff due to worsening working conditions of care workers and high rates of staff turnover and burnout. All this suggests Western welfare states are facing a serious care crisis. Drastic measures are discussed and sometimes taken, such as restricting access to professional care and redirecting care demands to informal carers, often women with already substantial care responsibilities. Or relocating  people in need of care to areas where care is more affordable, such as Eastern Europe. 

There are pressing issues of gender equality, care quality, social justice and solidarity at stake. This seminar discusses some of these, raised by research projects of Professor Hanne Marlene Dahl (Roskilde University, Denmark) and Associate professor Kristine Krause (University of Amsterdam), with a response from Professor Jet Bussemaker (Leiden University and chair of the Dutch Council for Health and Society). After their contributions, the floor will be opened to reactions from the audience. 


Please register for the seminar below. The event takes place on the 30th of September 2024, from 14.30-17.30, in the city centre of Utrecht (exact location to be confirmed). Further details will be published here at the end of August. A restricted number of seats will be available, so please register on time to secure a spot.

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Contactpersoon Koen Rutten, student-assistent
Locatie Utrecht, exact location to be confirmed
Datum 30-9-2024
Openingstijden 14.30 - 17.30 hrs