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Burgerschap en humanisering van de publieke sector

Narrated (In)Justice: Compensation Policies and Trans-Generational Narratives of (In)Justice (afgerond)

  • 2014 - 2018
This research project by Dr. Nicole Immler, University of Humanistic Studies in collaboration with NIOD (Institute for War, Holocaust and Genocide Studies) started in 2014. It explores compensation payments to (Jewish) victims of World War II in the Netherlands and how the policies of the late 1990s became a reference-point for current claims by post-colonial groups.


Narratives of (In)Justice examines how post-war and post-colonial memories in the Netherlands affected each other in the last decade and developed into a new form of legal claim culture. In the last decades apologies and compensation payments have become a crucial language worldwide for the recognition of victims of historical injustice. 

This research studies the effects on societies, and analysing the implications for individuals and communities. This project looks at three Dutch case studies, exploring how the recognition of Dutch Jewish victims became a reference-point for current (post-colonial) claims by victims of the decolonization war in Indonesia (the so-called 'Rawagede case'), and for descendants of formerly enslaved people among Surinamese and Dutch Antilleans.

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Financed by

Marie Curie Fellowship, European Union


  • Immler, Nicole, Stef Scagliola (2020), Seeking justice for the mass execution in Rawagede. Probing the concept ‘entangled history’ in a postcolonial setting. Rethinking History: The Journal of Theory and Practice.
  • Immler, Nicole (2018), Hoe koloniaal onrecht te erkennen? De Rawagede-zaak laat de kansen en grenzen van rechtsherstel zien [How to acknowledge colonial injustice?] BMGN – Low Countries Historical Review 133(4), 57–87; (Low Countries History Award 2019)
  • Immler, Nicole (2018), Narrating (In)Justice in Form of a Reparation Claim: Bottom-up Reflections on a Post-Colonial Setting - The Rawagede Case, in: Understanding the Age of Transitional Justice: Crimes, Courts, Commissions, and Chronicling, ed. by Nanci Adler, Rutgers University Press, 149-174.
  • Immler, Nicole (2018), Human Rights as a Secular Social Imaginary in the Field of Transitional Justice. The Dutch-Indonesian ‘Rawagede Case’, in: Social Imaginaries in a Globalizing World, ed. by Hans Alma and Guy Vanheeswijk, De Gruyter, 193-222. (Reviewed in: Onderzoek uitgelicht, 28-33)
  • Immler, Nicole (2017): ‘De Weduwen’ (The widows), exhibition, portraits by photographer Suzanne Liem, with interviews by Nicole Immler, curated by Dirk Staat. National Military Museum, Soest.
  • Immler, Nicole, Nancy Jouwe, Koloniaal verleden gaat ook latere generaties aan, Trouw, 1 april, 2015.

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Dr. Nicole Immler (

This research project in collaboration with NIOD explores compensation payments to (Jewish) victims of World War II in the Netherlands and how the policies of the late 1990s became a reference-point for present claims from post-colonial groups.