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MA Rodante v.der Waal

Rodante v.der Waal

PhD-candidate Care Ethics; Lecturer




wetenschappelijk personeel, Leerstoel Zorgethiek


Rodante (she/they) works as an independent midwife in Amsterdam and as a PhD-student at the University of Humanistic Studies, Utrecht. In her PhD-study, she investigates obstetric violence from the perspectives of intersectional feminism, postcolonial theory, and care-ethics.


Research Portal University of Humanistic Studies

Selection of publications:

2022. Van der Waal, R & Mayra, K. Obstetric Violence, book chapter in: Comprehensive Guide of Gender-Based Violence (ed. Parveen Ali & Michaela Rodgers). Springer Nature, forthcoming.  
2022. Van der Waal, R., Schoof, K., van Rooden, A. Unsettling the fertility-coloniality-subjectivity triad: The re-imagination of fecundity in Lispector’s The Passion According to G.H. Angelakiaccepted.  

2022. Van der Waal, R., Mayra, K., Horn, A., Chadwick, R. Obstetric violence: An intersectional refraction through abolition feminism. Feminist Anthropology, forthcoming

2022. CMS-COLLECTIVE, A call for critical midwifery studies: Confronting systemic injustice in sexual, reproductive, maternal, and newborn careBirth: Issues in Prenatal Care

2021. Van der Waal, R. & van Nistelrooij, I. Re-imagining relationality: Understanding reproductive violence as separationNursing Ethics

20211. Van der Waal, R., Mitchell, V., van Nistelrooij, I., Bozalek, V. Obstetric violence within students’ rite of passage: The reproduction of the obstetric subject and its racialized (m)other. Agenda

2020. Van der Waal, R. & Hermsen, J. Violence Against Women: Murder, Subjectivity and Childbirth, in Biopodor Y Derecho. Violencia contra las mujeres, ed. Javier Blázquez Ruiz, F. Navarra: Thomas Reuters Limited. 

2019. Van der Waal, R. & Van Nistelrooij, I. Moederschap en geboorte: relationaliteit als alternatieve ethische benadering. TGE, 29, nr. 2. 

2018. Van der Waal, R. The Pregnant Posthuman, in Posthuman Glossary, ed. Braidotti, R. and Hlavajova, B. Londen: Bloomsbury Academic. Publicatoi