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Dr. Melissa Sebrechts

Melissa Sebrechts

Universitair Docent




Leerstoel Burgerschap en Humanisering van de Publieke Sector


Melissa Sebrechts is an anthropologist and Assistant Professor at the University of Humanistic Studies. In her research, she focuses on the impacts of welfare programmes and precarious employment on people’s moral emotions and sense of self. Her work is characterized by in-depth ethnographic fieldwork, put at the service of theoretical debates like social justice and recognition.


Melissa is currently involved in two research projects: one project focuses on the relationship between welfare officials and welfare recipients. The other project focuses on the transition of people with disabilities from sheltered workshops to paid work.


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Social justice, recognition, welfare, mild intellectual disabilities


Melissa teaches the second year Master's course 'Pursuing Social Justice'. In this course, social justice is approached through the concepts of redistribution, recognition and representation. Students learn to understand and apply these concepts to various urgent contemporary problems such as migration, climate change, precarity and more.