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Prof.dr. Hugo Letiche

Hugo Letiche







Hugo Letiche did his BA in the Committee on General Studies in The Humanities at the University of Chicago; his Drs at Leiden University in Conflict Psychology, and his PhD at the Free University Amsterdam in adult learning. He has lectured at the Polytechnic 'de horst', the MEd of the University of Amsterdam (Nutsseminarium), the Dutch Open University and the Erasmus University. He was first appointed (part-time) Professor at Lancaster University (UK) in 1989 and thereafter at Keele University (UK) in 1995. He is Professor of 'Ethics, Leadership & Organization' at UWE Bristol (UK). He came to the UvH in 1998-99.

Organizational & cultural theory, contemporary continental philosophy, (auto-)ethnography, and complexity theory are his primary research interests. Currently he is co-editing a book on Organization & Magic (Edward Elgar Publishing), co-authoring one on practice directed research [The Relevant PhD (Peter Lang)], completing one on social complexity theory, and starting one on organization and belief. Until his retirement in 2011 his focus will be on writing.   He was director of the UvH DBA / part-time PhD programme in Critical Studies from 2000 to 2010.


Lopende onderzoeksprojecten:
Autoethnography research / AIDS orphans /  (Achmea Foundation)

Narrativity & Organizational Practices (RAAK Project)


Letiche, H. (2009). “Affordances” (with M Lissack) E:CO  vol 11 no 3 pp 61-72 (2009).

Letiche, H. (2009). “Doubling” Society & Business Review  vol 4 no 1 pp 8 - 25.

Letiche, H. (2009). "Reflexivity & Affectivity" Culture & Organization  vol 15 no 3-4 pp 291-306.

Letiche, H. (2008). Making Healthcare Care. New York: IAP. (UvH)

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