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Symposium: Professional ethics and normative professionalization:a critical dialogue

Ethical questions and moral challenges have gained a new prominence in the social domain. Against the background of deep cutting transformations of the welfare state and the grand promise of a ‘participation-society’, well known ethical issues in the social domain - such as the tensions between ‘system’ and ‘life world, or between ‘managerial control and ‘’professional autonomy’, or between ‘professional indifference’ and ‘ethics of care’ - are joined by new themes such as ‘the affective citizen’ and the changing responsibilities of social workers in view of the ideological and organizational turn to a ‘participation-society’.

In view of the necessity to develop a conceptually robust and practically relevant perspective on the ethical questions and normative issues at stake, this symposium aims to engender a critical dialogue between ´professional ethics´ and ´normative professionalization´, as different, but related perspectives that can help to shed critical light on the important issues at stake.

To this end this symposium brings together insights from two different research communities: on the one hand the ‘Lectoraat Innovation of Social Work’ from Hogeschool Utrecht (HU); on the other hand the research cluster ‘Normative Professionalization’ in the Graduate School of the University of Humanistic Studies.


The symposium will be opened and closed by two renowned scholars: Professor Sarah Banks, School of Applied Social Sciences Durham University, UK; and Prof. Harry Kunneman, University of Humanistic Studies, Utrecht. Sarah Banks will open the symposium with a keynote speech on ‘Ethics work in the social domain’. After two rounds of workshops given by researchers from the two organizing groups, Harry Kunneman will round off the symposium with a lecture on the ethical, moral and political complexity confronting social workers in the social domain.

Cost: 20,00 Euro (including lunch and drinks)

Registration: please register by way of this link:

After registration you will receive an overview of the different workshops you can choose from and information about the two research groups from the Hu and UvH co-organizing this symposium.

Contactpersoon Harry Kunneman
Locatie Utrechts Centrum voor de Kunsten, Domplein 4, en Universiteit voor Humanistiek, Kromme Nieuwegracht 29, Utrecht
Datum 25-2-2014
Openingstijden 9.30 - 17.00 hrs