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Start up conference Simagine: Religion, community, borders

Workshop organized by the International Consortium SIMAGINE – Social Imaginaries between Secularity and Religion in a Globalizing World, in collaboration with the platform ‘Metamorphoses of Christianity In Art, Literature and Philosophy’.

The NWO-funded international consortium SIMAGINE, running over a period of three years from July 2017 to July 2020, is a platform for research exchange that has launched a research program combining theoretical and empirical methods. It aims to explore the role of social imaginaries in urban and digital spaces within a globalizing world, characterized by what has been called in recent scholarship super-diversity (Steven Vertovec).

SIMAGINE consists of 10 European and American partner universities. During its start-up conference in Utrecht on November 1 to 3 2017, Laurens ten Kate and Hans Alma will organize a full day workshop on the way in which the theory of social imaginaries can contribute to the 2 interdisciplinary study of the complex interaction between on the one hand religious and cultural traditions and on the other confined national identities and communities.

In studying this interaction, an important and urgent question arises: can neoliberalism and its politico-economic agenda take this interaction seriously enough? Departing from here, the workshop will rethink the meaning of borders, in their literal, geographic sense as well as in their figurative, imaginary sense.

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Papers will be presented by guest scholars and SIMAGINE members. Admission is free but limited; please register to

Contactpersoon Prof.dr. Laurens ten Kate
Locatie Sweelinck room, Drift 21, Utrecht
Datum 2-11-2017