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Research Seminar 'Risky Play'

On Tuesday October 30th 2018, the graduate school of the University of Humanistic Studies will present a research seminar on professional dilemmas towards children’s risk-taking in play. 

'Children’s Risk-taking in Play: Professional Attitudes and Role Expectations’ 

Although risk is considered a crucial element of children’s play, the opportunities are diminishing. However, the necessity of offering children play that enhances their risk-competence is understood by policy makers, which needs advanced education of professionals. Reflecting on and learning to deal with the often contradictory values and views at different levels, as well as with the structures (such as protocols, laws and regulations) form the wider framework of youth professionals. 

In this seminar we reflect on diverse perspectives towards risky play, why it is important for children’s experiences and development, and the responsibility of adults to ensure a good growth climate. There will be a focus on pedagogical visions of professionals working in educational environments outside families, like day childcare and after-school childcare, exploring ways to learn children to assess risks, become self-reliant and gain confidence.


In the morning session prof. dr. Ellen Beate Hansen Sandseter and professor emeritus Louis Tavecchio will present research in the field of risky play and the meaning of risky play for healthy physical and mental development. Martin van Rooijen, PhD Candidate at the University of Humanistic Studies, will present preliminary findings of his research in Dutch after school care settings, offering a professionalization program aiming at improving competencies of educators on facilitating risk-taking in play and on interacting with stakeholders

In the afternoon VeiligheidNL (Dutch Consumer Safety Institute) will discuss the role of parents towards risky play of their children and present results regarding their online tool. Further, diverse themes will be discussed in workshops/presentations: normative professionalization, risky play with toddlers, the ‘playwork’ approach and various perspectives on risky play. 

Participation costs €40.

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Contactpersoon Martin van Rooijen, PhD student
Locatie University of Humanistic Studies, Kromme Nieuwegracht 29, 3512 HD Utrecht.
Datum 30-10-2018
Openingstijden 09.30 - 17.00 hours
Toegankelijkheid mensen met een beperking Please contact the reception: 030 2390100
Toegangsprijzen €40