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Public Lecture Hartmut Rosa

Hartmut Rosa is honorary doctor of our university and one of the most prominent intellectuals of today. Carrying on in the tradition of phenomenology and critical theory, he analyses processes of humanisation and dehumanisation in contemporary society. In the Netherlands, he is known in part for his essay Leven in tijden van versnelling.

In this lecture, professor Hartmut Rosa shares his thoughts on "Sociology of World Relations: If Critique alone does not help, what is next?" The sociology of world relations developed by Hartmut Rosa formulates a critique of the late modern growth regime, urging people to always accelerate the production of output and life activities in spite of the well-known fact that a society oriented on a growing economy and an ever-growing traffic poses problems concerning the sustainability of the planet earth, political stability and the mental health of many.

But in spite of a well formulated and scientifically grounded critique of modernity, elaborated by Critical Theory and Postmodern Critical Studies, and in spite of the fact that many alternative models of sustainable and humanistic post-growth societies have been articulated and described, the habits and worldviews related to the acceleration model of late modern societies are still strongly embodied in our institutions and modes of living, and hinder a real transformation to a sustainable and ecological society.

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There will also be a symposium with Hartmut Rosa at the university on February 15 and 16.
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Contactpersoon Bram van Boxtel
Locatie Instituto Cervantes, Domplein 3, Utrecht
Datum 15-2-2024
Openingstijden 20.00 - 21.30 uur