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Promotie Saskia van Goelst Meijer

Saskia van Goelst Meijer verdedigt haar proefschrift Profound Revolution. Towards an integrated understanding of contemporary nonviolence.

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Engelse samenvatting:

This dissertation studies nonviolence in the context of Humanistic Studies, a multi-disciplinary academic field that criticallly explores issues of (existential) meaning and humanization; the personal and social aspects of 'good living'. From this background this study focusses on contemporary nonviolence, using this term not only to point to the absence of violence, but to that which can take its place. Nonviolence is thus understood as a substantive method to create societal and interpersonal change, and even as a paradigm.

The aim of the study is twofold. Firstly to descern if it is possible to understand nonviolence a concept independent from specific cultural, religious or practical context. Secondly to see if from such an independent notion it is possible to develop a framework for analysis and practice.

The Gandhian understanding of nonviolence is the startingpoint of this study. However, many developments in nonviolence theory and practice have taken place after Gandhi. This dissertation studies the way Gandhian concepts have caried over, and are changed and expanded by other thinkers and practitioners and what remains the same. From this search it is concluded that five basic elements form the core of contemporary nonviolence: satya (truthseeking), ahimsa (non-harming), tapasya (self-suffering), sarvodaya (the welfare of all) and swadeshi/swaraj (relational autonomy). Together they point to a specific way of wielding power called integrative power, which lies at the heart of nonviolence.

Contactpersoon Dorothé van Driel
Locatie Senaatszaal, Academiegebouw Universiteit Utrecht, Domplein, Utrecht
Datum 26-8-2015
Openingstijden Om 18.00 uur precies.