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Paul Ricoeur's Humanistic anthropology

This symposium is a sequel to the public defence of Marc de Leeuw’s dissertation on Paul Ricoeur’s ‘humanistic anthropology’ in the morning of July 3. His dissertation focuses on the relation between anthropology, poetics and ethics in Ricoeur’s work. As de Leeuw writes in the concluding paragraph:
The main assumption of my exploration of Ricoeur’s project was the vital relation between anthropology, poetics, and ethics. In the center of this triangle we find the question of meaning and ontology – “who is this Being for whom being is in question?” We can perhaps never really answer this question but we can respond to this ontological aporia as a capable moral self, motivated by the desire to exist and endure as an accountable self with and for others in just institutions – notwithstanding our irresolvable fragile and fallible human condition.

In the afternoon of July 3, the interpretative framework developed by de Leeuw will be critically examined and elaborated upon in a small symposium by four distinguished speakers, followed by a concluding refl ection by Mark de Leeuw.

  • prof. dr. Ron Eyerman, Centre for Cultural Sociology,Yale University
  • prof. dr. Paul van Tongeren, Faculteit Wijsbegeerte, Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen
  • prof. dr. Frederic Vandenberghe, Institute of Social and Political Studies, State University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazilië
  • prof. dr. Harry Kunneman, University of Humanistic Studies

Admittance is free, but registration is obligatory by mailing to

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Contactpersoon Harry Kunneman
Locatie Universiteit voor Humanistiek, lokaal 1.40
Datum 3-7-2013
Openingstijden 14.00 - 17.00 uur
Toegankelijkheid mensen met een beperking Ja
Toegangsprijzen Admittance is free, but registration is obligatory by mailing to