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Non Retirement Conference

Frictions between age-related rules and (inter) personal meanings in aging. A conference at the occasion of the non-retirement of Jan Baars.

 As Jan Baars will reach the age of 65 years in May 2012, he will have to retire from his regular position at the university because of official age-related policies. Although he has worked for 42 years at different universities, being appointed at the Free University in Amsterdam as Assistant Professor for Sociological Theory at the age of 23, he intends to continue his research and teaching at the University of Humanistic Studies. This university has graciously extended a part-time appointment as Professor until the year 2016. Against this background a conference has been organized to analyze and reflect on the tensions between age-related structural policies, such as mandatory retirement, and personal experiences of aging in contemporary societies. This conference and the part time chair of Jan Baars at the University of Humanistic Studies have generously been supported by the Kronos foundation and Foundation Espria.


Speakers at this conference:
Dale Dannefer (Case Western Reserve University,Cleveland, USA),
Chris Phillipson (Keele University, UK),
Peter Derkx (University of Humanistic Studies, Utrecht),
Joseph Dohmen (University of Humanistic Studies, Utrecht)


Chair: Peter Derkx (University of Humanistic Studies, Utrecht, Netherlands)

Contactpersoon Irene Abbenhuis
Locatie University of Humanistic Studies
Datum 10-5-2012