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Gastlezing Graduate School door Anneke Sools

Op 10 januari organiseert de graduate school van de Universiteit voor Humanistiek een gastlezing van dr. Anneke Sools: Back from the Future: A versatile new projective methodology.  Anneke Sools is docent-onderzoeker aan de Universiteit van Twente. Met reacties van onderzoekers Isolde de Groot en Wander van der Vaart.

Back from the Future: A versatile new projective methodology

This lecture will portray a new projective methodology that has been coined narrative futuring, to demarcate this narrative sense making approach from traditional retrospective narrative approaches. The basis of the proposed methodology is a versatile instrument - Letters from the Future – which is an exercise where people are invited to look back from an imagined future situation to the present.

The instrument has its roots in a life-review intervention for older adults with mind depressive symptoms, who after looking back on their life are invited to look forward to what lies ahead. Over the last few years, this instrument has been adapted for research purposes. By embedding the narrative futuring approach in wider theoretical and methodological traditions, various potential applications will be shown and challenges will be discussed.

Theoretically, the distinct nature of narrative futuring will be outlined by comparing it with neighboring approaches such as life-review, projective assessment, epistolary writing, and expressive writing. Methodologically, a variation of existing and potential applications will be discussed including multiple writing instructions (e.g. more and less structured), multiple modes of expression (e.g. written, oral, visual), delivery methods (e.g. individual or group-wise), research design choices (e.g. single moment versus multiple moments over time), and methods of analysis (e.g. case-wise or cross-case analysis).

The versatility of the methodology will be detailed by examples of research in contexts where future possibilities are under pressure. Finally, challenges involved in adopting projective methodology will be discussed, like the dual function of ‘letters from the future’ as both intervention and research method.

Short bio

Anneke Sools is Assistant Professor at the department of Psychology, Health and Technology, University of Twente. She is also Program Director of the Storylab; a research group that combines interpretive and computational approaches in a various domains such as health, innovation management and education. Her PhD dissertation at the University of Humanistic Studies in Utrecht concerned narrative research methodology in the context of health promotion. She received an MSc Degree in Psychology of Culture and Religion from the University of Nijmegen. Her current research focuses on how people construct hopeful, possibility-rich futures in situations where possibilities are under pressure (e.g., chronic illness, precarious employment, early closure of developmental potential among prevocational youth).

Preparatory readings (open access)

Sools, A.M., & Mooren, J. H. M. (2012). Towards Narrative Futuring in Psychology: Becoming Resilient by Imagining the Future. Graduate journal of social science, 9(2), 203-226.
Sools, A., Triliva, S., Fragkiadaki, E., Tzanakis, M., & Gkinopoulos, T. (2018). The Greek Referendum Vote of 2015 as a Paradoxical Communicative Practice: A Narrative, Future‐Making Approach. Political Psychology, 39, 1141-1156.

Contactpersoon dr. Wander van der Vaart
Locatie Lokaal 0.38, Universiteit voor Humanistiek, Kromme Nieuwegracht 29, Utrecht
Datum 10-1-2019
Openingstijden 18.45 - 21.00 uur