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Empathic bodies, moral brains, complex science

Bridging the Gap between the Sciences and the Humanities

International conference at the University of Humanistic Studies 15 September 2011

This  conference explores critical humanistic perspectives on the changing relations  between the sciences and the humanities. It builds on two pillars in an attempt to bridge the long standing gap between them from both sides. The first pillar is provided by new ethical perspectives that have emerged within scientific fields such as primatology,  neurobiology  and evolutionary theory. The second pillar is provided by new, complexity-sensitive forms of scientific modelling that include rather than exclude ethical questions as an integral part of scientific enquiry.
Internationally-renowned scholar Frans de Waal (Emory University, US) will highlight the ethical relevance of his scientific work in primatology and complexity theory. This key note will be followed by six workshops on  conceptual and practical questions flowing from the attempt to bridge the gap  between the sciences and the humanities from both sides. 



Contactpersoon Patrick Vlug, Irene Abbenhuis
Locatie Ochtend: UCK, Domplein 4, 3512 JC Utrecht // Middag: Universiteit voor Humanistiek, Kromme Nieuwegracht 29, 3512 HD Utrecht
Datum 15-9-2011
Openingstijden 10.00 - 17.00 h