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Citizenship and narratives, lecture by Helen Haste (Harvard University)

Why citizenship and citizenship education need narratives and narrative research
by Helen Haste (Harvard University)

Helen Haste argues that we must understand civic engagement and especially civic identity, as a cultural process not only as an individual, ‘inside the head’ cognitive exercise, involving the dialectical intersection between individual thought and affect, dialogic interactions with others in conversation in which meaning is negotiated, and the social and cultural discourses, narratives and interpretive repertoires available within the individual’s cultural context via media, literature, norms of behavior and institutional practices. Within this cultural framework, civic identity is core to civic engagement; an affective and cognitive commitment to social engagement.

Helen Haste is Visiting Professor at Harvard Graduate School of Education and Emeritus Professor at the University of Bath. Her career has included work on moral and civic development and education, and also gender. She defines herself as a cultural psychologist.

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Contactpersoon Susan Curvers
Locatie Universiteit voor Humanistiek
Datum 22-6-2015
Openingstijden 10.00 - 13.00 uur