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Cancelled: Kick Off Vici project 'Dialogics of Justice' with a lecture by Hartmut Rosa

Dialogics of Justice: Searching for Resonance

A public lecture by professor Hartmut Rosa on the occasion of the Kick-Off of the Vici project Dialogics of Justice (also available via livestream).

We're sorry - we have to cancel the event

We regret to have to cancel this event and postpone it to next year. Due to the new Corona rules Hartmut Rosa cannot travel to the Netherlands.

On September 29, professor Hartmut Rosa will give a public lecture in the Pieterskerk in Utrecht on the occasion of the kick-off of the UvH/NWO Vici-program ‘The Dialogics of Justice’, led by Nicole Immler.

What has the concept ‘resonance’ to offer for re-assessing debates on Transitional Justice? The VICI-Project The Dialogics of Justice examines recognition practices after human rights violations: When do people feel recognized? Over the last decade, we are witnessing an increasing number of civil court cases against institutions such as the Dutch state, the military, the Church and multinationals initiated by victims of colonial violence, failed peace missions, sexual abuse and ecocide. Recognition of suffering is increasingly reviewed in legal terms and then resolved in terms of financial reparation. The Dialogics of Justice project studies recognition claims instead as a call for dialogue, which emphasizes the social dimension of recognition. Sociologist Hartmut Rosa potentially offers a useful framework to study recognition procedures in Transitional Justice research through his concept of resonance. During the Kick-off, Rosa will present a lecture on ‘resonance’ and together we will explore its application to the field of justice. 


Opening - prof Joke van Saane, Dean University of Humanistic Studies

Welcome - prof Evelien Tonkens, Director Research
Introduction-  ‘The Dialogics of Justice’ - Nicole L. Immler, VICI Projectleader

Lecture on Resonance - prof Hartmut Rosa, University of Jena

Conversation with Rosa on Resonance, Justice and the Common Good - Nicole L. Immler & Fernando Suárez-Müller

Discussion with the audience


Hartmut Rosa

Hartmut Rosa is professor at the Friedrich Schiller University of Jena and director of the renowned Max-Weber-Kolleg of the University of Erfurt. He is one of today's leading intellectuals. In the Netherlands he is known, among other things, for his book Resonanz.  In 2019, Rosa received an honorary doctorate of the University of Humanistic Studies.

Contactpersoon Luna Bonvie,
Locatie Pieterskerk Utrecht and livestream
Datum 29-9-2020
Openingstijden 14.00 – 16.30 hrs
Toegankelijkheid mensen met een beperking Please contact the organisation.