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Drs. Ruud Meij

Ruud Meij

Lecturer organizational learning

I'm a philosopher and a member of the faculty of critical organization and intervention studies. I'm coordinating and lecturing in the bachelor program 'humanistics and organizations'. In the master program I start this year with a new course called 'servant of justice'. Apart from that i'm a partner in Governance & Integrity.


0302390180 (UvH) 06-22943238 (mobiel)




wetenschappelijk personeel, Leerstoel Burgerschap en Humanisering van de Publieke Sector


Traviatastraat 21
1827 RJ
The Netherlands


Projects I'm currently working on are:

  • The integrity program of the city of Antwerp (Belgium).
  • The integrity program of the city of Lviv (Ukraine).
  • Moral development in the public health (Center for Youth and Family, Rijnmond, The Netherlands).
  • The school as a moral community (ROC Mondriaan, The Hague, The Netherlands.)
  • Action Learning in Public Health (Master of Public Health, NSPOH, The Netherlands).
  • Ethics in Public Health (NSPOH, The Netherlands).


My main area of research is the moral development of organizations, institutions and public policy and processes of moral learning and judgment.


Tutor/lecturer: bachelor H3 'Humanisering en organisaties. Organisatieonderzoek & advies in humanistiek perspectief.' (Humanistics and organizations)
Tutor/lecturer master 'De gerechtigheid dienen'. (Servant of justice)

Premaster Zorgethiek en beleid 'Humanisering in organisaties.