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drs. Menal Ahmad


PhD candidate




Menal Ahmad is a PhD candidate at the department of Citizenship and Humanization of the Public Sector. Her research interests focus on social issues related to gender structures, migration, health, and in/exclusion. Menal’s multilingual and mixed cultural background adds academic value to her work.

For her master research she conducted ethnographic fieldwork on female martial artists in Iran, in which she illuminated the relationship between gender, sport, empowerment, and citizenship. This research was awarded a prize for best master thesis in the field of gender studies and anthropology in the Netherlands.

Within her current research she is interested in the care-experiences of persons with a migration background who are providing care for a family member with dementia. Gender norms, the sociology of emotions, and intersectionality are the main focus areas. This research is conducted under the supervision of prof. dr. Sawitri Saharso, prof. dr. Evelien Tonkens, and dr. Jennifer van den Broeke. 

Selectie publicaties

Ahmad, M., van den Broeke, J., Saharso, S., & Tonkens, E. (2020). Persons With a Migration Background Caring for a Family Member With Dementia: Challenges to Shared Care. The Gerontologist, 60(2), 340-349.

selection of publications


Gender structures, migration, health, cultural diversity, in/exclusion.