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Events in 2023

Dies Natalis: At home in the world

30 January 2023

Shared, international life comes with opportunities, but also challenges. How have we explored distant academic landscapes so far? What do we learn from them? How do we preserve our beautiful place and language and...

Open Debate: Ableism in Research and Academia

17 March 2023

Everyone dedicated to inclusion & diversity in academia is invited to the Open Debate which is being hosted on the 17th of March at the UvH by Disability Studies in Nederland. Disability rights...

On Sacred Nature: Karen Armstrong, Pim Martens and Mark Verkerk

30 March 2023

On Thursday 30 March Karen Armstrong (religious studies scholar), Pim Martens (professor of Planetary Health) and Mark Verkerk (film maker) will be the guests at a public event organized by the Amsterdam Center for...

UvH Yearly Conference - Participatory Research for Social Wellbeing

5 April 2023

As in former years, we will hold the yearly UvH conference in April. The theme of the conference is Participatory Research for Social Wellbeing. The conference (taking place on April 5) is hosted by the chair...

Recognition & Rewards Festival

13 April 2023

On April 13th, 2023 from 9:30 to 17:00h we organise the third edition of the Recognition & Rewards Festival at the University of Humanistic Studies in Utrecht. It will be the first time the Recognition and Rewards...

Defense PhD thesis Karin Dangermond

18 April 2023

Karin Dangermond defends her PhD thesis: Beyond tough appearances. The impact of the fire service culture in the processing of critical incidents.Read more about her thesis 

Book presentation 'Silence, Wonder, and Human Flourishing' van Carlo Leget

10 May 2023

Wonder, Silence, and Human Flourishing: Toward a Rehumanization of Health, Education, and Welfare approaches humanization and the process of re- enchantment in a radical new way. For more than a decade the call for...

Defense PhD thesis Mirjam Stroetinga

23 May 2023

Mirjam Stroetinga defends her PhD thesis Teachers’ Collaboration with Parents. On Upbringing in Primary Education.Promotor prof.dr. Wiel Veugelers

Anthony Pinn delivers the Socrates Lecture

23 May 2023

This year the Dutch humanist organization Humanist Verbond is organizing the Socrates Lecture together with the University of Humanistic Studies. The lecture will be given by American professor and humanistic thinker...

Opening exposition 'the multivoiced colonial past of the Kromme Nieuwegracht'

24 May 2023

We open the exposition 'the multivoiced colonial past of the Kromme Nieuwegracht' this wednesday at 14.30 at our library. A project that is part of the larger  project 'Colonialism in the walls of the...

Lecture Janelle Taylor: 'Dementia at the Ragged Edges of Family and the State'

25 May 2023

Janelle Taylor, professor of anthropology at the University of Toronto, is specialised in care and various aspects of dementia. In May, she visits the University of Humanistic Studies. Her visit should be particularly...

HKU and UvH collaborate on Meaningful Artistic Research

5 June 2023

HKU and the University of Humanistic Studies are embarking on an intensive collaboration under the banner Meaningful Artistic Research (MAR). During a festive gathering on June 5th, we will celebrate this sustainable...

Introductory days UvH 2023-2024

28 August 2023 to 31 August 2023

In the week from Monday 28 to Thursday 31 August are the introduction days for undergraduate and graduate students.Monday 28 August - Introduction Premaster Monday 28 August - Introduction to Care Ethics and...

Repeated due to success: Ritual Grandma's Colonial Kitchen

30 August 2023

This summer, an exhibition is hanging in our building about the colonial past of the properties on Kromme Nieuwegracht, and in particular our own building at number 29. Linked to this, students together with the...

Betweter Festival 2023

29 September 2023

On 29 September 2023, the Betweter Festival is back at TivoliVredenburg. Together with scientists and artists, we will enlarge your world in times of narrowing horizons. We ask the questions that matter, feel the...

Diploma ceremony Master Humanistic Studies

6 October 2023

On Friday 6 October, Master of Humanistic Studies students will receive their diplomas. The festive ceremony will be held at De Leeuwenbergh, Utrecht. Afterwards, a reception will take place at the University for...

Public farewell lecture Anja Machielse

11 October 2023

On 11 October 2023, Anja Machielse will give a public farewell lecture on the occasion of her retirement as Professor of Humanism and Social Resilience at the University of Humanistic Studies. In her speech, she will...

Diploma ceremony Bachelor Humanistic Studies

13 October 2023

On Friday 13 October, Bachelor Humanistic Studies students will receive their diplomas. The festive ceremony will be held at De Leeuwenbergh, Utrecht. Afterwards, a reception will take place at the University for...

Diploma ceremony Master Care Ethics and Policy

20 October 2023

Op vrijdag 20 oktober krijgen studenten hun master Zorgethiek en Beleid-diploma uitgereikt. De feestelijke uitreiking wordt gehouden in de Marnixzaal van ‘De Utrechtse Muziekschool, Domplein 4, Utrecht.Familie en...

Master's Evening - 26 October 2023

26 October 2023

Are you curious about one of our masters? On this Thursday evening, you can meet the:Master Humanistic StudiesMaster Care Ethics and PolicyMaster Citizenship, Professionalism and Civil SocietyOn this evening, you can...

Diploma award ceremony Master Citizenship, Professionalism and Civil Society

27 October 2023

On Friday 27 October, students of the Master Citizenship, Professionalism and Civil Society will be presented with their diplomas. The festive ceremony will be held at the University for Humanistic Studies,...

Third International Chaplaincy Research School 2023

30 October 2023 to 3 November 2023

This Research School aims to introduce participants to existing chaplaincy research, including research procedures and a diversity of research methods. Ongoing lines of research will be presented, and illustrative...

Open Day Bachelor Humanistic Studies - 18 November 2023

18 November 2023

Would you like to find out more about the Bachelor of Humanistic Studies? Then visit our Open Day on Saturday 18 November 2023 at our beautiful location in the centre of Utrecht. We will provide information, you will...

Knowledge Festival 2023 of the Centre on Meaning of Life Issues

24 November 2023

Save the date: The Knowledge Festival of the Centre on Meaning of Life Issues will take place on this day. Further information will follow. As of 1 October 2021, the University of Humanistic Studies has teamed up...

PhD Defence Joandi Hartendorp

4 December 2023

Joandi Hartendorp defends her PhD thesis Were we "good" or "bad"?' Common ground in Dutch Slavery and Holocaust education.Supervisors: Prof Nicole Immler and Prof Hans AlmaFurther information to...