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Executive Board

The Executive Board is the highest governance body and consists of the rector and a second member. They are appointed by the Board of Supervisors, after hearing the University Council. 

CvB 2022

Secretary of the Executive Board is Anja Reterink:

Supervisory board

The Supervisory Board is the statutory supervising body of the University of Humanistic Studies. The Executive Board requires the approval of (among others) the supervisory board for the strategic plan, the annual report and the annual financial report. The Executive Board keeps the Supervisory Board informed of important developments.

  • prof. dr. E. (Elmer) Sterken (chair of the board)
  • prof. dr. L.W. (Lodi) Nauta (vice chair / chair of remuneration committee) 
  • drs. A. Biemans RC (chair of audit committee)


Peter Ubachs,

University council

The University Council (UR) is the representative body for the students and staff of the University of Humanistic Studies (see also the page Participation).

Staff members
  • dr. P. (Pien) Bos
  • dr. P. (Pieter) Dronkers
  • O. (Obiozo) Ukpabi 

Student members

  • Yannick Brito Alves 

  • Zoë van Woerkens


Heleen Hubers,