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Dies Natalis

The Dies Natalis, the anniversary of the university, is celebrated on 29 January. Every five years there is a special celebration, in which honorary doctorates are awarded.

35th Dies Natalis

The University of Humanistic Studies will celebrate its 35th anniversary on 29 January 2024, with the awarding of two honorary doctorates, to Professor  Kristján Kristjánsson and to economist and journalist Sheila Sitalsing.

Previous Dies events:

2023: At home in the world

Shared, international life comes with opportunities, but also challenges. How have we explored distant academic landscapes so far? What do we learn from them? How do we preserve our beautiful place and language and still connect with other horizons? During the 34th anniversary of our university, we thought critically and creatively with all staff about our place in the world. Fazal Rizvi and Annelies van Eenennaam gave their views on At Home in the World and cartologist Marlies Vermeulen took us into our imagination.

2022: Interwoven life, a different view on our existence
During our 33rd Dies Natalis on Friday 28 January 2022, we explored perspectives and methodologies that address moral questions related to our climate crisis. We talked to biologist and philosopher Andreas Weber who developed an Enlivenment perspective as an alternative to Enlightenment thinking. What is meaningful living in a just and caring society from an interwoven world view? How do we take into account other forms of existence, future generations?

2021: Inclusion and diversity

In the coming years, enhancing Diversity and Inclusion will be one of the priorities of the new University of Humanistic Studies strategic plan. Our goal: to create an inclusive, diverse and safe learning and working environment where everyone feels at home and where a diversity of perspectives is deliberated and included.  At this Dies, staff, students and alumni engaged in an online dialogue with the American professor Anthony Pinn of Rice University in Houston, Texas. His work includes the book When Colorblindness isn't the Answer. Humanism and the challenge of Race.

2020: Inspiring leadership. Beyond the rules

In an increasingly complex world, the call for leadership is understandable. But what does this complex time actually demand of leadership? In the Dies lecture on 29 January, Professor Gerda van Dijk (VU Amsterdam) gave a sketch of leadership qualities and pointed out how important it is not to subordinate human values to short-term results, rules and systems.

2019: The Art of Listening and Deaccelerating Our Way of Life

On 29 January 2019, the University of Humanistic Studies celebrated its sixth anniversary with the Dies Natalis: The Art of Listening and Deaccelerating our Way of Life. During this ceremony, honorary doctorates were awarded to three renowned scientists, each of whom is a great source of inspiration for the university's research and teaching: George Fitchett, Philip Kitcher and Hartmut Rosa. Journalist and columnist Sheila Sitalsing delivered the afternoon’s keynote address.

Earlier events can be found on our Dutch web page.

The Dies Natalis, the anniversary of the university, is celebrated on 29 January. Every five years there is a special celebration, in which honorary doctorates are awarded.