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High ratings in National Student Survey

The results of the National Student Survey 2023 show that students at University of Humanistic Studies are content with their studies also this year. Our university has a higher rating than the national average for most factors, and overall, of our study programmes are again higher rated than last year.

The National Student Survey (NSE) is an annual large-scale survey among students about their experiences with the quality of study programmes at universities of applied sciences and universities. At University of Humanistic Studies, 38 percent of the students participated in the survey, whereas the national average was 30 percent. 

Growing appreciation for study programmes

The appreciation for University of Humanistic Studies study programmes increased compared to 2022. Students are once again pleased with the expertise and commitment of lecturers and appreciate the study guidance and atmosphere on the study programme. The study pressure remains a point of concern;  50% of respondents think it is just right. Satisfaction with the level of the study programme is also a point of concern, although the score is comparable to the national average.

Above national average

Our students have rated many aspects of their study programmes higher than the national average for years, and this is also the case this year. In 2023, on a scale of 1 to 5, they give their study an overall rating of 4.13 compared to the national average of 3.91. Rated with a 4.08, study content also scores higher than the national average of 3.96. Atmosphere gets a 4.63 against the national average of 4.05, and 4.20 on a scale of 5 indicates that our students would choose the course again based on their experience so far, compared to the benchmark of 3.95.

Doret de Ruyter, Director of Education: "We are pleased that students rate our programmes highly. The expertise and commitment of our lecturers, skills development and connection to current themes are important components of our academic education. It is good to see that students are so satisfied with these components. I am also pleased that students are open about what could be improved. This is what we will take up together with teachers and students."

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The results of the National Student Survey 2023 show that students at University of Humanistic Studies are satisfied with their studies also this year. Our university has higher rating than the national average for most themes.