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Study guidance

Study advisor

You can contact the study advisor with questions regarding your study programme. She can offer advice and support concerning your study progress, study behaviour and can provide you with information on academic regulations and procedures. You can also contact the study advisor if you have personal circumstances which affect your studies or need support with a disability. If needed the study advisor can advise you to go to the UvH student counsellor or seek professional help.

Student counsellor

The student counsellor provides a sympathetic ear, information and advice for students with personal problems. He gives students a chance to catch their breath and help them untangle knots. Together with the counsellor you can try to gain more insight into your own development and the obstacles you encounter.

Confidential advisor

What: you can reach out to the confidential advisor when you have experienced inappropriate or unwanted behaviour, such as sexual harassment, bullying or discrimination. He can also help solve problems and conflicts.