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University Library

Students and staff members of the University of Humanistic Studies can make use of the library of Utrecht University (Universiteitsbibliotheek Utrecht UBU) and  the core collection of the the University of Humanistic Studies in the reading hall.

Utrecht University Library

If you have a library card and a Solis ID (login data), then you can borrow books from the  Universiteitsbibliotheek Utrecht  (UBU) and make use of other services, access methods and search engines. 

You can apply for a library card at the UBU service desk. You will need to show a valid proof of enrolment at the University of Humanistic Studies plus an identity card. You can renew the card at the service desk every year.  You can apply for a Solis ID for guests at Utrecht University. These login data will let you access the search engines. You need to bring your own laptop. If you don’t have a laptop, then you can borrow one from the library’s service desk.

University of Humanistic Studies Reading Hall

The University of Humanistic Studies owns a unique core collection of over 3300 scientific books  and 185 periodicals (journals) in the field of humanism. Students, staff members and other interested parties can consult this core collection in our reading room or study room. The collection is too vulnerable to be loaned out. There is a map in the reading room containing a list with which to search for books by author’s name. You can then use the book code to find the book in the collection. 

A large part of our collection – around 12,000 titles – was moved to the depot of the Utrecht University library (UBU). These titles can be searched for and borrowed via the UBU catalogue.


Laptop users can use the WIFU connections of the University of Humanistic Studies and the Eduroam network. A document scanner is available at the service desk, by the lecture material shelf. If you want to scan an article or part of a book for your own use, make sure to bring a USB stick.

Are you unable to come to the library but still want to consult a book from the collection? Then you can ask us to scan the book, journal or article for you, and to send the copy by email. We do charge for this service.

In case of any questions, our collection manager Jules Brabers,, is available in room 0.14 during office hours (Monday through Thursday from 9:00 to 17:00, Fridays from 9:00 to 12:30).

The opening hours of the study rooms and the core collection are the same as for the building:

Monday: 8.30-21:30 

Tuesday: 8:30-19:30 

Wednesday: 8.30-19:30 

Thursday: 8.30-21:30 

Friday: 8.30-18:00