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Insurance and emergency


During your stay you must be properly insured. Information about healthcare and other insurances can be found on the website of Study in Holland. You must carry health insurance during your stay in the Netherlands. The medical costs are high, so make sure that your health insurance covers the Dutch rates.

Emergency and health services

If you need medical assistance or emergency services (ambulance, police or fire brigade) you can use the following information:

  • Ambulance, police or fire brigade: call 112 (this is the general European emergency number)
  • Doctor, Dentist or Pharmacy: find one in the yellow pages
  • Medical assistance outside of your doctor's office hours: call 0900-4501450 (= doctor's post or, in Dutch, Huisartsenpost)
  • Please refer to this directory for more information on healthcare services in the Netherlands 


Make sure you always carry proof of health insurance with you, because you will need it whenever you use one of the health services in The Netherlands.