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On Sacred Nature: Karen Armstrong, Pim Martens and Mark Verkerk

On Thursday 30 March Karen Armstrong (religious studies scholar), Pim Martens (professor of Planetary Health) and Mark Verkerk (film maker) will be the guests at a public event organized by the Amsterdam Center for Religion and Sustainable Development, the VU Expertisecenter for Religion and Society, and the Karen Armstrong Chair for Religion, Values and Societal Transformations (University of Humanistic Studies).

Armstrong and Martens both wrote a book on ‘sacred nature’ (both books were published in 2022). During this event , we bring both authors into conversation about the notion of 'the sacred' and the importance of this notion in thinking about climate change and the future of our planet.

The discussion is moderated by Dr Jan-Jorrit Hasselaar (VU) and Prof Manuela Kalsky (University of Humanistic Studies),  who started on 1 February as Professor by special appointment in the Karen Armstrong Chair for Religion, Values and Societal Transformations.

Mark Verkerk, the director of De Nieuwe Wildernis (The New Wilderness) and De Wilde Stad (The Wild City), discusses the relationship between humans and subterranean nature on the basis of fragments from his new film Onder het Maaiveld (The World Beneath Our Feet).

Register before 27 March via the VU Amsterdam website.

Contact person Prof. Dr. Manuela Kalsky
Location VU Amsterdam, NU-Building, Theater 4
Web site
Date 30-3-2023
Opening hours 16:00 - 18:00