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Opening exposition 'the multivoiced colonial past of the Kromme Nieuwegracht'

We open the exposition 'the multivoiced colonial past of the Kromme Nieuwegracht' this wednesday at 14.30 at our library. A project that is part of the larger  project 'Colonialism in the walls of the UvH'. 


When: 24 May, 14.30-14.50  

Where: library UvH  

For whom: students, staff, neighbours from the Kromme Nieuwegracht, and anyone else who is interested in the history of our building and this street  

What: layered stories of the connections between our building and our street and the colonial and slavery past  


Please find all information and details in the attached flyer. The exposition will stay until the end of June.  


And to give a heads-up: on June 14, 15.30 the ritual 'Oma's Koloniale Keuken' will take place under the lead of Jake Smit (in Dutch).   


PDF fileDownload flyer

Contact person Farach Winter, Jake Smit, Limor Reshef and the Dialogics of Justice-team
Location Universiteit voor Humanistiek
Date 24-5-2023
Opening hours 14.30 - 14.50 uur