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Strategic Plan

Diversity and Inclusion are of great importance to the University of Humanistic Studies. This is reflected in the recently adopted Strategic Plan 2022-2026The ambition is to be a leader in creating space for talent, where differences between people are recognised and valued. 

Strategic Plan 2022-2026, p. 13; about policy framework Inclusiveness:

Across the board, people are experiencing the negative effects of exclusion and are looking for ways  to promote inclusiveness for all. The pursuit of 'a meaningful life in a just and caring society' takes place in an increasingly diverse society in which people live with different expectations, aspirations, views, images and rituals. 

Inspired by the values and traditions of humanism, in which we recognise both philosophical dimensions of meaning and a moral-political ambition, the plurality of society - deserves a central position in education and research. The UHS wants to be a place where a variety of people can develop themselves and feel safe, recognised and valued. For plurality is an important value in the humanistic tradition.

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  • Draft Vision Steering Committee "Building Blocks for a UvH Vision for Diversity and Inclusion

Strategic Plan 2022-2026, p. 25; about the ambitions of HR:

In the coming years, an HR policy will be developed to support the implementation of the strategic plan. HR themes from the Collective Labour Agreement for Dutch Universities will be included in it. Within its policy, the UHS will pay attention to embedding the focal area of diversity & inclusion. It will focus on talent development in the broadest sense, taking into account the national programme of “Recognition and Rewards of Academics”, policy steps in the field of hybrid working and ambitions to reduce work load and stress. These themes will be fleshed out and prioritized in close consultation of stakeholders from various organizational units. 

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Code of Conduct for Research Integrity

The University for Humanistic Studies fully adheres  to the Netherlands Code of Conduct for Research Integrity.  This Code is in force since October 2018. 

Diversity and Inclusion are of great importance to the University of Humanistic Studies. This is reflected in our Strategic Plan.