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Welcome to the University of Humanistic Studies, a small-scale university located in the heart of the medieval centre of Utrecht. We are committed to high-quality scientific research and education based on a humanist inspiration. Our programmes and courses are interdisciplinary, combining humanities and social sciences. 

The University offers a Bachelor's degree in Humanistic Studies. We also offer a Master’s degree in Humanistic Studies, a Master's degree in Care Ethics and Policy and a Master's degree in Citizenship, Professionalism and Civil Society. These programmes are (until now) mostly offered in Dutch. The academic programmes are accredited by the NVAO, the Accreditation Organization of the Netherlands and Flanders. 

Furthermore, our graduate school offers a PhD programme in English. 

Exchange programme

Some of the courses are offered in English and together they form an interesting Bachelor's and Master's  Exchange programme that is accessible for exchange students. The exchange courses are offered in the first semester.

Please note

The University of Humanistic Studies makes a distinction between exchange students and visiting students:

  • Exchange students can study at the University of Humanistic Studies through an exchange agreement (Erasmus+), for one semester.
  • Visiting students, or free movers, can study at the University of Humanistic Studies on an individual basis as part of a degree at their home university. Fees may be applicable and a good command of the Dutch language is required. 
  • At this moment we only accept exchange students from partner institutions. 

Attention for housing

Due to the ongoing housing crisis in the Netherlands, the UvH advises you not to come to Utrecht for your studies unless you have secured proper housing.

Utrecht is one of the most popular university cities in the Netherlands. As a consequence, the demand for student housing in and around Utrecht is extremely high. Unlike your home country, Dutch universities do not own any student housing, and students are responsible for securing their own accommodation. 

Erasmus  ‘Education for Democratic Intercultural Citizenship Education’ (EDIC+)

The University of Humanistic Studies also participates in an Erasmus Strategic Partnership on education and intercultural citizenship for master and PhD students from all over Europe. The programme is called ‘Education for Democratic Intercultural Citizenship Education’ (EDIC+)

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