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The university is based in Utrecht, a Dutch city known as a true student city. A large number of universities and schools are located in Utrecht, which means that the demand for student housing is very high. We strongly recommend that you start looking for accommodation as soon as possible.

Most students in Utrecht live together with several students in a student house or apartment. The rooms can be small compared to what you are used to. Most of the houses have a shared shower, toilet, kitchen and living room with other students. Men and women often live together in a house. An average room in Utrecht costs somewhere between € 300 and € 600 per month.

Before you accept a room, make sure you check:

  • Rental contract & rental period 
  • Room furnished or unfurnished
  • Bills (e.g.  gas, electricity, TV and Internet) that are (not) included in the rent
  • Person you are dealing with can be trusted


  • Do some research to make sure that the agency, the address, the housing offer and landlord are legitimate. Besides for example a Google search, you can check the address in the Dutch Land Registry Database
  • If you intend to enter into an agreement with a private person, do not make any payments in advance
  • Set up a meeting and view the room in person or via skype
  • When in doubt, let us know!

You have to make your own arrangements for student housing. Unfortunately, the university has no student housing available. To help you on your way, we have created a list of websites and (English) information about student housing in Utrecht:

These agencies operate independently. The university is not responsible for the outcome of the contact between students and the housing agencies.

You could also consider placing a room wanted add on the Facebook group of Humanistic Studies or the Facebook group Erasmus Student Network Utrecht. You could also join Facebook pages like 'Rooms for Rent in Utrecht' or ' Find a room or house in Utrecht'.


International Student Housing Assistance Utrecht is a foundation that provides assistance to international students in Utrecht with (legal) questions related to housing. For more information visit their website.