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Book presentation 'Silence, Wonder, and Human Flourishing' van Carlo Leget

Wonder, Silence, and Human Flourishing: Toward a Rehumanization of Health, Education, and Welfare approaches humanization and the process of re- enchantment in a radical new way. For more than a decade the call for rehumanization in education, care, and welfare has been heard and discussed primarily in critical thinking, political theory, and sociological discourses. This critique is mainly based on a social constructivist and naturalistic worldview that keeps the discussion in an anthropocentric perspective. By focusing on the phenomenology and ethics of wonder as an ontological and even spiritual event, and by listening to the silence that follows this contemplative wonder, the contributors offer an existential, phenomenological, and hermeneutic way of understanding humanization.

This book shows, from various perspectives, that the force of wonder and the silence that follows from it can nurture our ability to be receptive to and present in human relations and in resonance with the meaning-giving life phenomena that surround us.

About the editors

Finn Thorbjørn Hansen is professor in applied philosophy at the University of Aalborg.

Carlo Leget is professor of care ethics at the University of Humanistic Studies in Utrecht.

Solveig Botnen Eide is professor of ethics and social work at the University of Agder.

On May 10, Carlo Leget and Finn Hansen will present their book at the University of Humanistic Studies.

Contact person Carlo Leget
Location Zaal 1.40 at the University of Humanistic Studies, Kromme Nieuwegracht 29, Utrecht
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Date 10-5-2023
Opening hours Starts at 4.15 pm.
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