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Public farewell lecture Anja Machielse

On 11 October 2023, Anja Machielse will give a public farewell lecture on the occasion of her retirement as Professor of Humanism and Social Resilience at the University of Humanistic Studies. In her speech, she will discuss the importance of resilience in a society in which more and more people drop out because they cannot or do not want to participate in social and community life. Because they feel they do not fit in, or find the social pressure of society too heavy and are afraid of losing themselves.

Anja Machielse will remain active at our university in the coming years, as Endowed Professor of Empowerment of Vulnerable Older Adults, as project leader of the ZonMW project 'Resilience around severe experiences of loss in daily life' and as a Confidential Advisor on Scientific Integrity.

The public address will take place at 15:30 in Gasthuis Leeuwenbergh, Servaasbolwerk 1A, 3512 NK Utrecht. A reception will follow the farewell speech.

Photo: Adriaan Wirtz

Contact person Yamit Gutman
Location Gasthuis Leeuwenbergh, Servaasbolwerk 1A, 3512 NK Utrecht
Date 11-10-2023
Opening hours Aanvang 15.30 uur