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Bachelor Humanistic Studies

The three-year Bachelor's programme focuses on broad academic development in the fields of philosophy, sociology and psychology. Humanist values form an important source of inspiration. Students are taught in both theoretical and practical disciplines. They learn to think analytically and to examine the core of complex situations. They develop research skills, acquire argumentation techniques and are trained in dialogue and reflection skills. Students also learn to express themselves clearly and convincingly. Moreover, sufficient attention is paid to the personal and professional development of students.

Two concepts play an important structuring role in the programme: Giving meaning to life, and Humanisation. 

Giving meaning to life

Students investigate how people relate to life and their environment. What do people see as a good and meaningful life and how do they try to pursue that life in their own situation? To what extent does life simply happen to us and to what extent can we shape and direct the course of our lives? How do worldviews influence one's experience of the meaning of life?


The theme of humanisation addresses the social, political and moral issues of our time. How can we promote humane social structures, taking into account the rights and interests of each individual? How can we protect human rights? How can we create a sustainable society? 

Questions about the meaning of life and humanisation are inherently linked. The questions of life are formulated against the background of political, economic, social and cultural structures. The extent to which people can influence their lives also depends on the opportunities they are offered. Nobody can pursue a meaningful life in themselves; people are responsible for each other. The two main themes are therefore examined in relation to each other.

For a full desciption of the courses, you can have a look at the  Course Catalogue. In the first semester of the academic year, some courses from the Bachelor's programme will be offered in English. International students can follow this semester with the Erasmus exchange programme.