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Research programme

Our research is inspired by the worldviews and traditions of humanism.  The central question is: How do we optimise opportunities for people to live a dignified and meaningful life in a just and caring society? 


Our research programme explores this question in three interrelated themes:

  1. Humanism
  2. Meaningful living
  3. A just and caring society

These three themes contain all kinds of contemporary and urgent issues of a social nature with a normative component, such as the debate on completed life, the fight against loneliness and social isolation, compensation for victims of colonial violence or the future of our welfare state. 

Click on the themes for a brief explanation, with some examples of research projects. 

Transdisciplinary and practice oriented

Within these themes, we pursue quality transdisciplinary research on contemporary social and scientific challenges. Our transdisciplinary approach integrates philosophy, history and the social sciences.  In our empirical research we often make use of qualitative or mixed methods. We typically pursue our research together with stakeholders: clients, students, professionals, managers and others. 

The aim of our research is to contribute to practical improvements leading to meaningful living in a just and caring society.

Would you like to read the full English-language research programme?

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