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Application procedure exchange students

If you want to study at the University of Humanistic Studies as an exchange student, you can do so by means of a bilateral agreement between your home university and the University of Humanistic Studies. Contact the international office of your home university to check if there is an exchange agreement with the University of Humanistic Studies.


We recommend that you have completed at least 1½ years of full-time study at your home university. Contact the international office of your home university to find out if and how you can be nominated for the exchange. As soon as you have been nominated by your university, we will send you the application form and the application instructions. The application deadline for the first semester is May 15th. 

Language skills 

At the University of Humanistic Studies, we expect our exchange students to be proficient in English. The language proficiency policy of the University of Humanistic Studies is based on the principle of Erasmus+ that the sending institution should provide the necessary language support (according to the bilateral agreement with the host institution), so that all nominated candidates demonstrate the recommended level of language proficiency for their training or study period before the start of the exchange. We trust that our partner universities nominate students with a language level B2 or (preferably) higher in English. The required language level can be demonstrated by means of a language test, or a declaration from the home university signed by the Erasmus+ coordinator or a representative of the Language Institute.

Acceptance Process

Once we receive the application, it is checked by our international office. If the application is complete, it will take two to three weeks before we know if you can be accepted. You will be informed by e-mail and a copy of the message will also be sent to the coordinator of your home university. Together with the acceptance notification, you will receive information about the services offered by our university. Before the start of the semester you will receive more information by e-mail and an invitation to our introduction day. 

Fees and other finances

Exchange students pay tuition fees to their home university and are therefore exempt from having to pay tuition fees to the University of Humanistic Studies. However, all exchange students are responsible for all personal expenses, including accommodation, textbooks and passport fees.

Administrative status of exchange students

Shortly after your application has been accepted, you will receive an e-mail confirming your enrolment at the University of Humanistic Studies. Exchange students are enrolled as full-time non-degree students. Please note that it is mandatory that you remain enrolled as a regular student at your home university. 

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