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  • Giulia, exchange student

    Giulia followed the master exchange programme: "I found the teachers to be very open to listen to students, also after the courses. They are concerned about problems and try to help you solve them.” Read more

  • Benedetta, exchange student

    Bernedetta followed the bachelor exchange programme: "Students are really developing a critical way of thinking and there is room to express your own opinions in class.” Read more

  • Professor Joachim Duyndam

    Joachim Duyndam is full professor of humanism and philosophy: 'For me, it is a great experience every time to witness the birth of a new insight, not only in students but also in myself as a lecturer and researcher.' Read more

  • Marije Klomp (MA)

    Marije Klomp completed the Master programme of Humanistic Studies: 'What’s nice is the ample opportunity to share experiences, for instance at peer supervision meetings and internship follow-up days. Humanistic Studies has provided me with a solid foundation for the practical profession.' Read more

  • Ankana Spekkink (MA)

    Ankana Spekkink, Apeldoorn Municipal Health Service nurse, completed the Master programme of Care Ethics: 'Care will always be a relevant matter, as something that happens every day and all around us. Whether that care is always good care is something that I believe should continue to be questioned.' Read more