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Consultancy on civic education for (completed)

  • Start: 2018
  • Status: completed

In, since spring 2018 some 150 teachers and school leaders have been working together in development teams on 9 curriculum fields to develop proposals to revise the national core learning goals and outcomes for primary and secondary education. 


This is the first time for the core learning goals to be reviewed as a coherent whole, and that teachers from primary schools, secondary schools and remedial education are actively involved.

The department of Education is involved with the working group dedicated to improving civic education. They organise workshops with stakeholders and offer feedback at various stages during the development process. 


The feedback is available here:

PDF fileFeedback on interim product 4

PDF fileFeedback on product 3


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In the autumn of 2018, the university organised an Opening of the Academic Year on the theme of civic education with the participation of the Minister of Education, Arie Slob. Read a brief description.

The chair group Education is involved in the working group of which deals with the improvement of citizenship education.