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Dr. Isolde de Groot

Isolde de Groot

Assistant Professor



English biography

Isolde de Groot earned her MA at the University of Humanistic Studies After working as a teaching in worldview education and social studies  for several years, she conducted her PhD research on the democratic engagement of adolescents in an urban area in the Dutch democratic and pluralist society (2013). She contributed to several EU funded projects (Teaching Common Values; Active Citizenship in Europe; RIAIPE3) 
Currently she is an assistant professor at the Education Department of the University of Humanistic studies.


My research focusses on education for democracy and democratic citizenship development. Former and current projects concern:

  • Moral-political issues in Democratic Citizenship Education
  • Futuring capacities of young adolescents
  • Narrative learning and civic and worldview education
  • Democratic participation of students and democratic experiences in schools 
  • Meaningful citizenship education and mock elections (cofunded by a dutch Ngo, ProDemos, and UHS). 
  • WOU-study (researcher in practice-based research in 16 schools in Utrecht), funded by NWO
  • Meaningful and cultural responsive newcomer education (collaboration with Marnix Academie, I-Pabo en 2 primary schools, funded by Radiant and the UHS)

Selection of publications

De Groot, I., & Eidhof, B. (2019). Mock elections as a way to cultivate democratic development and a democratic school culture. London Review of Education, 17 (3): 362–382. DOI
De Groot, I., Van den Berg, B., Leijgraaf, M., & Ten Kate, L. (2019). Bonding in Newcomer Education: An Empirical Exploration. International Journal of Learning, Teaching and Educational Research, 18(5), 89-110.

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De Groot, I. (2017). Mock Elections in Civic Education: A Space for Critical Democratic Citizenship Development. Journal of Social Sciences Education, 16(3), 84-96. doi:10.4119/UNIBI/jsse-v14-4-i4-1426 

De Groot. I. (2017). Narrative learning for democratic citizenship identity: a theoretical framework. Educational Review, 2, 1-18.

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De Groot, I. & Veugelers, W. (2015). Why we need to question the democratic engagement that adolescents in Europe develop. Journal of Social Sciences Education, 14(4). 

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De Groot, I. (2013). Adolescents Democratic Engagement: A Qualitative Study into the Lived Citizenship of Adolescents in the Dutch Democratic Pluralist Society. Dissertation. Utrecht: University of Humanistic Studies. 

De Groot, I., Goodson, I.F. & Veugelers, W. (2013) Dutch adolescents’ narratives of their citizenship efficacy: “Hypothetically, I could have an Impact”, Educational Review, March 5, DOI:10.1080/00131911.2013.768957. 

De Groot, I., Goodson, I.F. & Veugelers, W. (2012) Bridging the gap between Young People’s Civic Selves and Theoretical Positions on Democratic Citizenship Education, Curriculum and Teaching, 27(1): 21-41. 

De Groot, I. (2011). Why We Are Not Democratic Yet: The Complexity of Developing a Democratic Attitude. In W. Veugelers (Ed.), Education and Humanism. Linking Autonomy and Humanity (pp. 79-94). Rotterdam: Sense Publishers.

selection of publications

Ancillary activities

Raad van Advies IPAbo
Editorial Board Journal of Social Science Education (JSSE)
Editorial Board Journal of Moral Education (JME)
Coordinator  ‘Education for Democratic and Intercultural Citizenship’ (EDIC) program and partnership (Graduate level), funded by ERASMUS+ from 2013 to 2019)