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You can look up one of our employees in this small database of 'personal pages'. Please excuse us for the fact that part of the information is in Dutch.


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Last_name Position
Joke van Saane Rector and president of the board, Professor of Meaning and Leadership
Sawitri Saharso Professor of Citizenship and Moral Diversity
Wouter Sanderse Assistant Professor of Education
Natasja van Schaik
Annemiek Schilpzand
Joop Schippers
Alice Schippers Endowed Professor of Disability Studies
Jante Schmidt PhD Candidate
Martijn Schoo
Yke v.der Schoor PhD Candidate
Martien Schreurs Assistant Professor of Education
Carmen Schuhmann Assistant Professor of Practical humanistic studies
Melissa Sebrechts Assistant Professor
Nora Sein
Farhad Shahbazzadegan
Frank Sloothaak
Adri Smaling
Geert Smid Endowed Professor of Psychotrauma, loss, and grief after disasters and violence
Annika Smit Endowed Professor of Resilience in the police force
Marianne Snijdewind
Leander v. der Spek
Jane Srugar Kolesnik
Elmer Sterken
Sylvia Stuiver
Caroline Suransky Associate Professor in Humanistic Studies and Social Change

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