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Dr. Wouter Sanderse

Wouter Sanderse

Assistant Professor of Education


After studying Business Communication and Philosophy, I received my PhD in 2012 on the relevance of Aristotelian ethics for moral education in education. After that, I worked for eight years as a researcher on Teachers' Professional Ethics at Fontys Universities of Applied Sciences. I combined this position with teaching and research appointments at various universities, including the Jubilee for Character and Virtues in Birmingham, England. From September 2018, I work as an assistant professor of Education at the University of Humanistic Studies, where I focus on philosophical questions concerning education and upbringing, specifically on the (character) formation of children and adolescents and on the ethics of professionals.


Areas of interest: professional ethics (of teachers), virtue ethics, moral development and education, role modelling, Socratic dialogue.

Between September 2021 and April 2023, I led the research and development project "Exemplary Bildung in vmbo'. More information can be found here.


Books (written or edited)

Some recent academic papers:

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Ancillary activities

Chair of the university's Education Committee