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Dr. Carmen Schuhmann

Carmen Schuhmann

Assistant Professor of Practical humanistic studies




Carmen Schuhmann (1970) has been assistant professor at the University of Humanistic Studies since 2008 and previously worked for several years as a humanistic counsellor in the field of criminal justice. In 1997, she received a PhD in mathematics at Leiden University (the Netherlands), and after that did research into pure mathematics at the University of Essen (Germany). Her current research interests include existential meaning-making, moral resilience, and spiritual/pastoral care in a 'secular age'.


Research interests

  • Meaning in life as an orientation process in "moral space"
  • Existential and moral resilience
  • Chaplaincy/pastoral care in a 'secular age'
  • Relational perspectives on counseling
  • Military chaplaincy and chaplaincy in penitentiary institutions