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You can look up one of our employees in this small database of 'personal pages'. Please excuse us for the fact that part of the information is in Dutch.


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  • Dr. Thomas Kampen

    PositionUniversitair Docent

  • Georgien Kamper

  • Prof. dr. Laurens ten Kate

    Since 2002 I work at the University of Humanistic Studies in Utrecht, the Netherlands. This small, college-like institute with a blend of humanities and social sciences, is an inspiring environment for my teaching and research. The university is an intense community of students and scholars finding a balance between high level science and social and political engagement; it also forms a stepping stone to my international academic activities.
    Since long I am based in the lovely town of Utrecht, with my wife Heleen and sons Schalk and Herre.

    PositionUniversitair hoofddocent filosofie, religiewetenschappen en globaliseringsstudies, Bijzonder hoogleraar Vrijzinnige religiositeit en humanisme, Lid leerstoelgroep Zorgethiek, , Associate professor of philosophy, religious studies and globalization studies, Endowed professor of liberal religion and humanism

    PhoneOffice +31302390130 Cellphone +31620621671

  • Dr. Ruud Kaulingfreks

    PositionUniversitair hoofddocent organisatietheorie, Themaleider Kritische Organisatie en interventiestudies


  • Barry Kers

  • Marije Klomp

  • Jose Kok

    Positionbeleidsmedewerker Onderwijs

  • Renske Kruizinga

  • Prof.dr. Harry Kunneman

    PositionHoogleraar Sociale filosofie,ihb theorie en praktijk van normatieve professionalisering, Projectleider Normatieve professionalisering (NP)