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Quality assurance


The Bachelor's and Master's programmes of Humanistic Studies have been assessed by QANU (Quality Care of Dutch Universities). In all areas, the programmes were assessed as 'sufficient' or 'good'. Based on these positive assessments, NVAO (Accreditation Organization of the Netherlands and Flanders) has formally accredited the programmes. The Master's programme of  Care Ethics and Policies, originally set up by Tilburg University and transferred to the University for Humanistic Studies in 2013, was initially accredited by NVAO in 2012. For all three programmes, the accreditation lasts until 01-07-2020.

Highly ranked by students 

The results of the Dutch National Student Survey show that students at the University of Humanistic Studies give their education a very good rating.  This large-scale survey is conducted annually among students in the Netherlands and examines their views on the quality of education at the university where they are studying. The students answer questions about themes such as 'content', 'general skills' and 'preparation for a professional career'. On more than ten out of the fifteen themes, the University of Humanistic Studies repeatedly scores significantly higher than the national average.

Code of Conduct International Student

The Code of Conduct International Student in Dutch Higher Education intends to contribute as a quality tool to the ambitions of the government and the educational institutions regarding Internationalisation as a means to turn the Netherlands into an attractive destination for knowledge and development.

More information:

Code of Conduct Higher Education (Website 'National Commission')