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Entanglement: Essays on a unifying humanism

  • Duration: October 2019 until end of 2020 / early 2021
  • Status: ongoing

In October 2019, the Vrije Universiteit Brussels and the University of Humanistic Studies organised a conference with a keynote lecture by William Connolly, after which themes from his work were explored further by scholars. This ensuing book project was launched soon after the conference.


In his book Facing the planetary: Entangled humanism and the politics of swarming (2017), political philosopher William Connolly argues that we need new ways of thinking about how humans relate to other forms of being. He argues for an ‘entangled humanism’, which takes account of the interdependency between all forms of being. 

This book project is devoted to elaborating the notion of ‘entangled humanism’ as a ‘unifying humanism’, which represents a fundamental exploration of how people relate to each other and the world, from a perspective of solidarity and mutual dependencies. The modern paradigm of the autonomous human being who can control the world at will is replaced by a paradigm of partnership within the context of complex ecosystems in an era increasingly referred to as the Anthropocene.

How can people participate meaningfully and fairly in a dynamic and pluralist world subject to major shifts which man can control to just a very limited extent?


  • Prof. Hans Alma (VU) and Dr. Caroline Suransky (UvH) (researchers and editors)
  • Prof. William Connolly (Johns Hopkins U), Prof. Marc Van den Bossche (VUB), Yoni Van Den Eede (VUB), Nidesh Lawtoo (KU Leuven), Henk Manschot (UvH) Femke Kaulingfreks (InHolland), Bertine van Hoof (Humanistic Management Network) 


  • Johns Hopkins University, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Hogeschool InHolland (academic partners)
  • Humanistische Alliantie, De Mens Nu (societal partners)


Vrije Universiteit Brussels and University of Humanistic Studies

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Conference Entangled Humanism (VUB, October 2019)


Dr. Caroline Suransky,

In 2019, VUB and UvH organised a conference focusing on themes from William Connolly's work. As a follow-up, this book project further develops his idea of 'entangled humanism'.