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Dr. Caroline Suransky


Associate Professor in Humanistic Studies and Social Change




Carolina Suransky (1961) is Associate Professor in Humanistic Studies and Social Change at the University of Humanistic Studies (UvH) in the Netherlands and Research Fellow of the Unit for Institutional Change and Social Justice at the University of the Free State in South Africa.

She studied Philosophy of Education and Curriculum Studies at universities in the Netherlands, the United States and South Africa. Between 1988 and 1998 she taught at the University of Durban Westville (now UKZN) in South Africa. From 2004 to 2010, she served on the Executive Board (CvB) of the University of Humanistic Studies, portfolio Education and Student Affairs. She currently is Education Coordinator of the UvH Graduate School for PhD students.

She serves on the Board of the international consortium SIMAGINE (Social Imaginaries between Secularity and Religion in a Globalizing World).

In her teaching and research, she focuses on globalization, decolonial pedagogies, pluralism and social change and has a particular interest in how Higher Education can play a role in advancing social justice and climate justice. She also works on the philosophical and ethical dimensions of sustainable development in an interdependent globalizing world.

In collaboration with HIVOS (Humanist Institute for Cooperation with Developing Countries), she founded and coordinated of the International Summer School on Pluralism and Social Change, bringing together scholars, activists and professionals in diverse fields of social change. The school has been taught annually on rotating basis at universities in Utrecht, the Netherlands; Bangalore, India; Yogyakarta, Indonesia and Bloemfontein, South Africa.

Carolina Suransky supervises PhD students from across the world.


Eduard Verkadelaan 57
3584 GS


Verbindend Humanisme - with Vrije Universiteit Brussel, België

SIMAGINE (Social Imaginaries between Secularity and Religion in a Globalizing World).

Selection of publications

Hans Alma and Caroline Suransky (Red.) Nov. 2020, forthcoming. Verwevenheid. Essays over een verbindend humanisme. Brussel, VUB Press

Suransky, C. (accepted, forthcoming, 2020) Higher Education in a Globalizing World: the challenge of glocal education and the call to decolonize universities in: Wahl, WP and Pelzer, R. (Eds.) Leadership for Change. Developing transformational student leaders through global learning spaces. AOSIS publishers.

Manschot, H., Suransky, C. and Suarèz-Müller, F. (accepted, forthcoming, September 2020) Draagvlak en Duurzaamheid in Mens en Maatschappij (Thematic volume on Sustainable Development) Amsterdam University Press

Gaby Jacobs, Annelieke Damen, Caroline Suransky, Laurens ten Kate (accepted, forthcoming, 2020) Reconsidering humanist chaplaincy for a plural society: the implications for higher professional education in: Journal of Health and Social Care Chaplaincy

Boisvert, D. and Suransky, C. (under revision) Resilience and Its Discontents: A Narrative Review of the Critiques of Social, Socio-ecological, and Community Resilience, Humanities – Special Issue Humanities for the Environment (ISSN 2076-0787)

Suransky, C., Pitstra, F. and Toyana, L. ( 2017) Decolonizing universities: learning in tension, Dutch Journal of Gender Studies - Special issue: Decolonizing universities.  Vol. 20, (3) 2017: 299-304 DOI: 10.5117/TVGN2017.3.SURA

Suransky, A.C. and Alma, H. (2017) An Agonistic Model of Dialogue in: Journal of Constructivist Psychology ISSN: 1072-0537 print / 1521-0650 online   DOI: 10.1080/10720537.2017.1298487

Suransky, A.C. (2017). Humanistic Education for Teaching in a Globalizing World. In M. Wilson-Strydom & M. Walker (Eds.), Socially Just Pedagogies, Capabilities and Quality in Higher Education (pp. 109-128). Basingstoke UK: Palgrave Macmillan.

Suransky, A.C. & Jouwe, N.L. (2015). Zwarte Piet is Racisme - in gesprek met Quinsy Gario. Waardenwerk, 62/63, 24-36.

Harry Kunneman and Caroline Suransky (2012), Cosmopolitanism and the Humanist Myopia in:M. Rovisco, M. Nowicka (Eds.) The Ashgate Companion to Cosmopolitanism, London: Ashgate

selection of publications

Ancillary activities

  • Lid hoofdbestuur Humanistisch Verbond (portefeuille Visie:)
  • Lid coördinatie groep In Vrijheid Verbonden (landelijke interlevensbeschouwelijk platform)
  • Member Editiorial Board Journal: Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in the South