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Beyond Bad Apples: on research ethics and integrity

  • Start: 1 January 2023
  • Duration: 3 years
  • Status: ongoing

Ethics and integrity are key dimensions of excellence in research and crucial for public trust in science. BEYOND will reinforce efforts to foster adherence to the highest standards of research ethics and integrity (RE/RI) and prevent research misconduct (RM).


The full title of  the research project is Beyond Bad Apples: Towards a Behavioral and Evidence-Based Approach to Promote Research Ethics and Research Integrity in Europe.  The project will develop both regulatory and educational interventions to elucidate institutional and individual responsibilities for ensuring and fostering research environments conducive to ethical research. To that end, BEYOND will adopt a complex ecosystemic perspective on research ethics and integrity that recognizes the multiple responsibilities of researchers and other stakeholders.

BEYOND will explore the existing literature on behavioural ethics and moral psychology as well as the socio-economic consequences of research misconduct and engage all involved stakeholders in a public consultation.

Expected results

  1. Psychologically informed contextual interventions to promote RE/RI and prevent RM from the perspective of individual and institutional responsibilities;
  2. Methodologies to measure the short-, medium- and long-term impact of RE/RI trainings on attitudes and behaviours of students and researchers;
  3. A best practice manual and guidelines to supplement standard operating procedures from a complex research ecosystemic perspective as well as a 2030 roadmap towards improving the RE/RI culture;
  4. New training materials and tools to supplement existing educational efforts. 


  • Project leader: Prof Rosemarie de La Cruz Bernabe (University of Oslo).
  • Dr Susanne van den Hooff is involved as a researcher on behalf of the University of Humanistic Studies. 
  • Researchers from the European partners (see below) 


BEYOND consists of 13 partners from ten European countries, academics, research integrity organizations, national agencies, and more. The University of Oslo is the project leader.  In addition, partners come from Denmark, France, Finland, Cyprus, UK, Latvia, Estonia and the Netherlands.


BEYOND is financed by the Horizon Europe program of the European Commission.

Also see


Susanne van den Hooff,

Ethics and integrity are essential dimensions of excellent research. The aim of this project is to foster compliance with the highest standards of research ethics and integrity and to prevent research misconduct.