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Action research mental support eldercare (AMOUR)

  • Start: 15 December 2022
  • Duration: 1 jaar
  • Status: ongoing
After the COVID-19 pandemic, absenteeism is due to: mental problems, sleep disturbances, recurrent fears and thoughts, increased irritability, worries about the future and decreased activity level. In addition to the expected trends within this sector (double aging, labor market tightness and a more complex care need), the importance for nursing, care home and home care organizations  (VVT) to focus on employee retention is becoming clear. 


omplex care need (source: FWG), the importance for VVT organizations to focus on employee retention is becoming clear. Offering collegiate care (CO) to care providers has proven to be an effective way of such mental assistance. Action research (AO) has proven to be a successful approach to deploy complex changes and interventions. In addition to evaluating the implementation, AO offers the opportunity to develop knowledge. Knowledge about success and failure factors as well as effectiveness that can be useful for the entire VVT and offers care provider Activite a basis for making policy on (perpetuating) CO after this project.




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Alistair Niemeijer,

Door oplopend ziekteverzuim en andere trends als vergrijzing wordt het belang duidelijk voor VVT-organisaties om in te zetten op behoud van medewerkers.