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Chairs and endowed chairs

The University has its own permanent chairs, as well as endowed chairs which are funded by a third party.

Humanism and PhilosophyProf. Joachim Duyndam
Informal Care and Care EthicsProf. Anne Goossensen (personal professor)
Humanist Chaplaincy Studies for a Plural SocietyProf. Gaby Jacobs
Ethics of Care and Spiritual Counselling SciencesProf. Carlo Leget
Theory of Sciences and Research Methodology Prof. Gerty Lensvelt-Mulders
Citizenship and Moral DiversityProf. Sawitri Saharso (personal professor)
Citizenship and the Humanisation of Institutions and OrganisationsProf. Evelien Tonkens
Ethics of Care
Prof. Frans Vosman
Education (in relation to Meanings of life and Humanisation)Prof. Wiel Veugelers

Endowed Chairs

Professor by special appointment

Third party

Foundations of Social Work
prof. Margo Trappenburg
Marie Kamphuis Stichting
Worldviews and Public Mental Health with particular attention for Psychiatry
Prof. Arjan BraamKenniscentrum voor levensbeschouwing en geestelijke volksgezondheid
Ethics and Spirituality of Palliative Care
Prof. Carlo LegetAssociatie van zelfstandige high-care hospices
Ethics of Care and people with Multiple Sclerosis
Prof. Leo VisserNationaal MS Fonds
Liberal Religion and HumanismProf. Laurens ten KateStichting Stimulering vrijzinnig gedachtegoed
Volunteers and End-of-Life CareProf. Anne GoossensenVrijwilligers Palliatieve Terminale Zorg (VPTZ)
Empowerment of Vulnerable Older AdultsProf. Anja MachielseGemeente Rotterdam
Pedagogical Dimensions of EducationProf. Gert BiestaNederlands Instituut voor Onderwijs- en Opvoedingszaken (NIVOZ) 

International Humanism and the Art of LivingProf. Aagje SwinnenStichting Socrates